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Luano City facility

Real estate


The Luano City project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a 200ha development adjacent to the Lubumbashi International Airport. It was envisioned as a multi-use concept which includes commercial, industrial, residential and community facilities.

The mandate for the development of Luano City, located in the DRC’s fastest growing city, Lubumbashi, was to provide a unique perspective on the DRC market – a comfortable lifestyle, modern workspace solutions, a shopping mall and access to a contemporary industrial park.


Bigen is providing master planning, detail design, construction supervision, tender and contract administration as well as various ad hoc municipal infrastructure support services on the following infrastructure components:

  • Roads and access
  • Storm water management (reticulation and retention).
  • Water (bulk storage and reticulation).
  • Sanitation (reticulation and bulk collection)
  • Structural services.

Bigen has designed the development to incorporate the local context and contend with local constraints, while meeting the client’s expectation of a development of international quality. The first stage of the project commenced in 2014.


Master planning.

Detail design.

Construction supervision.

Tender and contract administration.

Various ad hoc municipal infrastructure support services.

SED impact

Long-term economic benefits through local skills, enterprise and supplier development.

Economic upsurge and improved lifestyle.