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Rugurama Park Estate Project


In the development plan of Kigali city in Rwanda, a housing shortage of 458 265 units has been identified, with the prime target market being middle-income households which represent about 25% of the city’s population. The Rugarama Park Estate housing project commissioned by the city will not only help reduce this shortage, but is also the first of its kind in Rwanda and a model for sustainable, integrated mixed housing across the African continent.

A key requirement of the development is the provision of efficient and cost-effective infrastructure development solutions with a view to optimising the development impact. This will enable affordable modern lifestyles giving citizens the opportunity of home ownership. 


Bigen is one of four consortium partners that Roko Consortium Rwanda Limited contracted to deliver the estate in four phases over four years. Bigen supports the client’s overarching vision of creating a high-quality housing development that will serve as a benchmark for African living into and beyond the 21st century.

The 42ha Rugarama development will comprise 2 674 single-bedroom apartments (55% of total), two- and three-bedroom houses and four-bedroom villas, as well as various amenities. The focus on environmental sustainability is supported by eco-sensitive elements to increase energy efficiency, rainwater harvesting, solar street lighting, containerised sewage treatment and storm-water management. 


Provision of cost effective and efficient infrastructure development solutions .

Optimisation of development impacts .

SED impact

Dignity of home ownership and a sustainable asset.

A housing development model for the rest of Africa.

Restored sense of community through the creation of sustainable neighbourhoods.

Economic support during construction of $500 million on R-GDP and 8 000 jobs .

Post construction of $160 million on R-GDP and 2 100 permanent jobs .

Sustainable environment with a reduced carbon footprint.